Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have spent the last 12 months learning and experimenting with Aquaponics, and Bioponics.  I'm now at a point where I want to put what I've learned into action and get busy with real food production.   My other blog ChicoAquaponic has begun to evolve along with me, and I often feel conflicted when posting information about soil based gardening in a blog that should be devoted to soil-less gardening.

Many people appear to have perfected aquaponincs to the point that they are no longer adding nutrients from sources other than fish, but I personally have not seen this and regard aquaponics as a "a romantic attraction".  This is a phrase Vlad Jovanovic whom I will no doubt often quote recently used and I've come to appreciate.

This blog will contain links and quotes from various sources I find while surfing the internet - "The Gems". 

I will also show you what I am doing at my house; both in the soil and in my soilless systems.

My goal is to create a compilation of my gardening experience rich with sources of good gardening information, and resources

Let me begin with a few gems I've previously found and I will continue to add to this list of topics at the side.  I also added the label "Gems" to this post so that the gems listed below can be found quickly.

Optimization of a backyard aquaponic food Production system
Perfect Soil-less System
Jean Pain Part -1
Jean Pain Part - 2 
Paul Wheaton's Videos
Paul Wheaton's PodCasts

Podcast, Paul and Helen Atthowe discuss Neal Kinsey's DVD Hands on Agronomy

University agriculture research is one of the best places to look for good information.
University of Delaware

Here is a list of sites I feel offer good information:

Good gardening blogs:

I found this conversation interesting.  Alan from BioNutrient.Org talks about soil building and how soil health effects our health.
Alan Chartockin Conversation with Dan Kittredge

I don't know if this Bing Search will always return the same results but today it has brought me to many good resources for Sulfur deficiency.

Hoverflies can provide excellent control of aphids, scale and other soft-bodied insects. Many annual flowers attract hoverflies, including sweet alyssum and bachelor buttons

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