Monday, May 13, 2013

A Garden Update

This is my garden layout.  It's an odd shaped lot, but I've made it work.  I'm experimenting with wicking beds, hugelkulture, aquaponics, bioponics, hydroponics, and bio-char.

The greenhouse is for seedlings,

The propagation room uses aquaponic beds in a well insulated grow room with a 400W ceramic metal halide bulb, but the south facing window is generally all I use.  This room has media, deep water culture (DWC), and wicking beds for propagating by cuttings.

The hoop house has a bioponic system and a hydroponic system in it.  During the summer I can use a shade cloth and in the winter I keep the rain out with plastic which offers just a little freeze protection, but the ends are left open.  There are also to DWC beds connected outside of the hoop house.

The engineered septic system (ESS) takes up a large part of my nursery.  I can't plant in it so I've utilized the area by building a half hoop over it for vines to grow on.  This should create a very nice place with shade during the summer heat.  There are twi wicking beds up on the ESS which is raised 2 feet above the rest of the area.   I used livestck panels to create a curved trelis over this area.  Here is a picture from my friend Vlad in Serbia which shows the vines with fruit hanging down from above.  This is what I am hoping to achieve in order to create a shady area where I can sit and enjoy my garden

The plot map shows the potting table all the way around back of the workshop.  I moved it behind the greenhouse and hung some shade cloth.  This has worked out a lot better since it is closer to my potting resources.

This is my bioponic/hydroponic hoop house
 Panoramic shots

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