Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hot July Garden Pics

It's been about 4 months since I built this garden

I just harvested 29lbs potatoes.  Red, Blue, White, and Yukon Gold
I'm not sure if it's time to harvest this corn.  The ears are kinda small.

The corner seems to be getting dry.  I took two ears off.  One was immature and the other was missing quite a few kernels.  No bugs.   I'm going to let it go a bit longer, The stalks are better than 7' tall.

Beautiful tomatoes are ripening everywhere in my garden.  These are hydroponic.  No worms!

I think these are Muskmelon.    They are growing up the arched trellis and hang down inside.

Guatemalan Blue Banana Squash hanging from the curved trellis.

The Kratky Method is great!  It's totally hands off, and fool proof.  Just set it up, and come back for the harvest when the plants are ready.  No watering, fertilizing, I never even did anything for pest control.  These were grown in the July heat where every day topped out near or over 100F. Several days were 110+.

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