Sunday, February 16, 2014

Teaming With Nutrients by Lowenfels - My Review

To make an analogy of this book -  If this were a book about the mechanics of a car, it would start out with the types of plastics used throughout the vehicle, as well as a description of the process used to make these plastics.    You would learn about hardness of metals their melting temperatures, and various formulas including the process used to make each type of steel.

For example, he breaks the creation, and movement 10,000 different proteins down to an electrical interaction involving electrons and sunlight, and describes the process of storing energy in the phosphate bonds of ATP (adrenosine triphosphate) molecules.

Lowenfels says right up front to simply read on, and don't take notes.  He says the lingo will eventually become understood, and that the entire journey should be fun rather than a laborious process of memorization.  So I continued to read, and trust that I would begin to comprehend the details of the amazing process's involved with plant life.  

Still I was looking forward to getting out of bio-science boot camp.  Have faith it will get easier and come together.  Lowenfel uses the information from the beginning over and over so don't skip it.  By the end I felt comfortable with what I have learned.   The more I learned the more interesting it became. In fact I intend to read the book over again from the beginning, or at least the first few chapters.

I'd highly recommend Teaming With Nutrients, but I'd suggest reading Teaming With Microbes first.  The two books give the reader a full understanding.  

This lecture 'Jeff Lowenfed's Soil Food Web'  will give you an idea about what is in the first book, but it's by no means a substitute.  His lecture is captivating and filled with humor.

Other good videos from the same YouTube channel can be found here

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