Friday, May 16, 2014

Why I Buy Organic & Non-GMO & Support Local Organic Farmers

Organic farmers are stewards of the land rather than soil rapers
Organic food is free of chemicals

GMO farmers use more aggressive control measures, such as increased use of chemical sprays. 

Organic food is free of unsustainable petroleum fertilizers
Organic food promotes better health.
Organic food tastes richer, sweeter and is more satisfying
Organic food uses natural defenses, and has no unhealthy pesticides

Bio-engineered crops harm species that are not their target, such as monarch butterflies. 

Organic growers use sustainable methods of growing food that promote soil health rather than destroying the soil

GMO transfer pesticide-resistant genes to related weeds may produce "super weeds"  immune to commonly used control methods

Nature adapts and may begin to produce 'super bugs' putting heirloom plants at a disadvantage.

Locally grown food costs less to ship
Locally grown organic food uses less fuel to deliver to consumer
Locally grown organic food is fresher

Locally grown organic fruit tastes better
Locally grown organic fruit has a higher nutrient value than fruit picked early.

Seasonal vegetables taste better and deliver diversity through out the year
Organic growers are more productive
Organic growers use less fuel hungry machinery
Local organic farmers employ local people
Organic growers use  less water
Organic growers use Non GMO seed
Organic growers do not use toxic Roundup.  Glysophate is the listed active ingredient, but the other ingredients are even more toxic
Organic growers do not have to lie about the toxic chemicals in and on their food

GMO crops are infecting heirloom crops
Organic growers provide better variety and seed diversity

Less wasted produce when you buy from local organic farmers.

Ordinary, familiar foods can become allergenic through the addition of foreign genes.

Locally grown food lasts longer

Maybe you can help be think of more reasons to support local and organic farmers.

For more detailed information about GMO [CLICK HERE]

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