Monday, June 30, 2014

Buying Healthy Food

Buying healthy food is becoming quite a challenge.  It may surprise you to know that even baking powder can contain GMO.  At the bottom is a list of ingredients to be wary of from

tudies in cell research have demonstrated the mechanism by which micro RNA from genetically engineered foods may alter organ function in humans.  This means that these studies have found that micro RNA can attach to the receptor sites of our DNA!

Several stores have good reputations for selling Non-GMO.  Whole Foods and Costco should be praised for their efforts.  But just because the package says 'Organic' you may still be buying GM food.  This is because some foods come from China where there is no testing.  But in an exploratory fashion, Whole Foods Store goes the extra step by testing those foods!

I'm have mostly negative feelings about buying seeds from Seminis because even though they claim to sell Non-GMO seeds they are a subsidiary of Monsanto.  My preference is to avoid putting any money in Monsanto's pockets.  On the other hand if Seminis does well it may wake Monsanto to the fact that we prefer not to be poisoned. 
Imagine that! 

Another reason to avoid buying from corporations like Seminis is they sell hybrid seeds.  These seeds are protected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or by the USDA’s Plant Variety Protection Office.  This means you can not and would not want to use the offspring seeds from your crop. While you may not plan to use the seeds you are still supporting world wide ownership of our food supply when you buy from a company that restricts further use of the seeds. Buying seeds from a company such as Redwood Seed Company  ensures the seed you plant are open pollinated (OP) so you too can save your own seeds.   Redwood encourages their customers to save seeds and even goes so far as to offer free classes about how to do it!  I like people who share and would prefer to see them excell because of their fearless trust in mankind and their product.

So here's the list.  Some of these may sound kinda strange.  Like baking powder.  I never knew it has corn starch in it.  As you can see GM comes in many products you might never suspect.  Right near the top is aspartame.  It contains phenylalanine which may be manufactured with the aid of genetically modified micro-organisms (escherichia coli). This process has been used industrially in the USA for many years.

Another wake up call about ascorbic acid – it is synthesized from corn syrup. - See more at:
Another wake up call is ascorbic acid.  I never would have guessed it is synthesized from corn syrup.  The problem with this unnatural Vitamin C is that is not discriminatory in its anti-microbial abilities as it also wipes out good bacteria or probiotics in the gut.  Whole foods based vitamin C does not harm beneficial intestinal bacteria in the same way as synthetic vitamin C does.

There are so many things that we've been lead to believe are good for us.  Well they may be, but if they are the product of GM, then we really need to know.  Would you have questioned vitamin B12, vitamin E, isoflavones or lysine? 

Another wake up call about ascorbic acid – it is synthesized from corn syrup. - See more at:
  ascorbic acid (vit C) Aspartame
 (also called
 AminoSweet®, NutraS-weet®,
 Equal Spoonful®,
 BeneVia®, E951)
 baking powder
 canola oil
 (rapeseed oil)
 caramel color
 citric acid
 cobalamin (vit B12)
 condensed milk
 confectioners sugar
 corn flour
 corn masa
 corn meal
 corn oil
 corn sugar
 corn syrup
 cottonseed oil
 food starch
 fructose (any form)
 glutamic acid
 glycerol monooleate
 high fructose corn syrup
 hydrogenated starch
 hydrolyzed vegetable
 inverse syrup
 invert sugar
 lactic acid
 malt syrup
 milk powder
 milo starch
 modified food starch
 modified starch
 mono and diglycerides
 glutamate (MSG)
 oleic acid
 phytic acid
 protein isolate
 soy flour
 soy isolates
 soy lecithin
 soy milk
 soy oil
 soy protein
 soy protein isolate
 soy sauce
 stearic acid
 sugar (unless cane sugar)
 teriyaki marinades
 tocopherols (vit E)
 vegetable fat
 vegetable oil
 vitamin B12
 vitamin E
 whey powder
 Popcorn is NOT GM

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