Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5th Systems Comparison

It's been exactly 30 days since I made my last walk around video.  This is a comparison to show the growth that occurred during that time.

Hydroponic Tomatoes 44" with 3" fruit
 Notice the dark green leaves.  The Hydroponic Tomatoes are doing better than any other system
Hugelkulture Tomatoes 44" with 3" fruit
 These tomatoes planted in an immature hugelkulture bed are slightly less green.  Nitrogen may be unavailable due to the mulberry buried below the compost top soil, but I have no complaint. They are doing well.   It will take several years for the mulberry to rot and provide a water supply for this garden.
Bioponics Tomatoes 34" with no fruit
 These tomatoes in the boiponic grow beds are smaller and not as dark green as the Hydroponic tomatoes in the background.  The pH has been maintained at 6.5 - 7.0 and the nitrates levels have been maintained above 5ppm.  I have occasionally added some Azomite for trace minerals to prevent chlorosis.  Yesterday I added Fe-DTPA-chelate.  Prior to this I was using EDTA chelate.

Last summer the bioponic system did very well, and I expect this plant will too.  The general health looks good and there has been no chlorosis, but when compared to the hydoponic and the hugelkulture systems I don't think it is doing quite as well.

Wicking Bed - I don't see any fruit on this one,  but it was planted late..

Wicking Bed - Can you see the big green toms?

Wicking Bed / Cherry Tomatoes 66" with lots of  fruit
Overall I would say the hydroponic tomatoes look best, but the wicking bed tomatoes are right there with them.
Here are some pictures from 30 days ago for comparison

Looking from the opposite direction this arrow points at the hugelkulture tomato (second image down)

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