Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garden Update

It's been a week since I added Epson Salts.  While I don't see significant growth the Epson salts have brought vibrant deep green color to the leaves.

These plants may be a lost cause since they were stunted so young, but I'll continue to observe their recovery.
I am experimenting with 8 different methods of growing.  AP, Bioponics, Bio-Char, Hugelkuture, dirt, Wicking Beds, Hydroponics, and  Kratky Method.  The tomatoes from the wicking beds, hugelkulture, hydroponic and wicking bed systems taste very good.  Given the problems I've recently encountered with my bioponic system it's not fair to judge the taste from that system.

Of all the methods I have come to like wicking beds the best.  Water levels must be maintained, but the reservoir allows one to be less attentive and if the soil web is good the plants take care of themselves..

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