Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Building Hugelculture Beds

 I like raised beds because they make gardening easier and keep gophers out. 
 This is how I'm making my hugelculture raised beds.
Rounds ready to be dropped into the hugelculture bed
Large logs over 1 foot in diameter were used
I packed small branches in between too fill in the spaces

Looking down from a nearly completed section
I've covered the logs with dirt and washed it down into the material below 
Next I will add about 8" to 12" of top soil

This raised bed is also filled with wood scrapes below the top soil
I have potatoes planted in this box

In a few years these hugelculture beds will act as a large sponge reserving  rain water for the dry month.   If you have a hugrlculture bed I'd like to know how happy you have been with it.

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