Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ramdom Tips

Here's a great idea for dealing with long lanky tomato starts.  Lay the start on the ground a day or two before transplanting.  The stem will curve upward allowing you to transplant into a shallow trench

You may have a SEED LIBRARY near you!  CLICK HERE

Below are some good charts to help you plant.
Click on the link for a full size image.

This site offers more information

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Companion Planting Chart

 A simple worm count of a shovelful of soil will indicate the general health of your farm or garden plot—no lab tests are needed. If your worms are abundant, well fed and happy, then your soil organisms will be providing the good tilth and proper soil chemistry to grow strong, productive plants. Simple, really.
- Don Chapman

 National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service  - Lots of good information1

A good planting schedule  Urbanfarm.org/Planting_Calendar.pdf

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  1. This has little to do with gardening but it's a teriffic list of ideas to make your life easier.