Thursday, February 14, 2013


These are temperature charts from

Today is February 14th .  Today is expected to range between 39 - 72. The slightly warmer temperature is causing the  my watercress which were planted months ago to double in size within the past week. Watercress likes cool weather in the low 50F.  I will be planting more of it outside in my bioponic system.

I took this picture of the bioponic raft on December 19 2012.  It been 2 months here's the difference. All most all of this growth took place during the past two weeks since out temperatures have gone up.  Keep in mind that I picked about the same amount that I started with just a few days ago.

The mustard and arugula in this first picture (red arrows) were transplanted from the start bed shown in the second picture.  The difference is the raft stays several degrees warmer due to a constant flow of water from the bioponic sump tank buried in the ground.  The start bed was kept moist, but watered only as needed with the same boiponic water.
Arugula planted in the indoor system was been eaten weeks ago.
Just goes to show how important temperature is.  The same goes for our hot Summers.  Lettuce and cilantro do not do well when it gets hot.
The watercress in the foreground was transplanted and is actually OK as is the agave which did not like the freezing temperatures

These are the AVERAGE temperatures for Chico, CA

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