Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Container Gardening

Wicking Barrels 

My plywood wicking beds

This is the best video I've found about wicking beds

Soil-less Gardens - Aquaponics/Bioponics

The video above shows my systems.  Both have been through a variety of configurations over the past year.
Here is a link to my what I believe to be the Perfect Aquaponic System 

I have come to prefer Bioponics, and Hydroponics over Aquaponics, but they are all very similar.  

While the concept of fish and plants creating a symbiotic and sustainable nutrient balance appears to take care of itself; my experience has shown that it may take well over a year for Bioponic and Aquaponic systems to mature 

My results were mixed, but the grand success of others keeps, and the ease of propagating in soil-less gardens keeps me in the game.  My experience has been documented on my Aquaponic Blog .

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